Ashraf Aboul-Yazid/ Ashraf Dali\ أشرف أبو اليزيد – سيرة ذاتية مصورة Biography Film

سيرة ذاتية موجزة Short Biography
Ashraf Aboul-Yazid  (1963)
Egyptian poet & novelist.
Editor, Al-Arabi magazine, Kuwait. Editor-in-Chief, The AsiaN, Arabic, Korea. Acting President of AJA.
Since 1989, when he got his first book of poetry published, Ashraf Aboul-Yazid (Dali) has been keen to introduce himself as a man of words. He wrote in many fields of literature; focusing on [...]

These six Arab women are nominated by The AsiaN, Arabic, to be the Arab persons of the year 2013

Moroccan activist Khadijah al-Riadhy has been awarded the United Nation Award for Human Rights 2013, as a reward for her long career in defending the human rights in her country. Dr. Monica Hanna has been considered by Safe Antiquity for Everyone 2014. She is a leader in exposing the antiquity-looting that has exploded since Egypt’s 2011 [...]

Ashraf Aboul-yazid live in cairo

Ashraf Aboul-Yazid publishes two new novels

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Call Ashraf in Cairo from 8 April to 20 May 2011

Meet Me at “Tahrir Square”

Meet Me at “Tahrir Square”
By: Ashraf Abu al-Yazid
Dear Poet “Amal Donkul“,
Meet Me at “Tahrir Square“.
Your “Stone Cake” is stuffed with people,
Who grew with the River Nile water
To make a pyramid of every home.

Dear Poet “Abdul Rahman Al-Sharkawi“,
Meet Me at “Tahrir Square“.
“The Land” has risen to burry its thieves;
the shadows of the immortal unfaithful regime.

Dear great solider “Sa’dul-din  El-Shazly“,
Meet Me at [...]

Encontrémonos en la plaza Tahrir

Encontrémonos en la plaza Tahrir
Ashraf Abu Al Yazid
Donkol (1); encontrémonos en la plaza Tahrir
La “Tarta de piedra” (2) esta llena de humanos
que maduraron por las aguas del Nilo,
y convirtió en pirámide cada hogar.
“Abdel Rahman Al-Sharkawi” (3)
encontrémonos en la plaza Tahrir
pues, La Tierra se levantó
para enterrar a sus ladrones,
sombra del inmortal régimen infiel.
Saad-Addin El-Shazly(4),
encontrémonos en la [...]

AJA Statement on Political Crisis in Egypt

Asia Journalist Association(AJA, President Ivan Lim) joins the international community in calling on President Hosni Mubarak to yield to the long-suffering Egyptian people’s demand for change and to step down gracefully.

The time has come for Mubarak to accept he has lost the popular mandate after 30 years of [...]

To all friends around the world

All friends around the world:
On the National Police Day of Egypt, January 25, 2011, our people of Egypt started their march for freedom and democracy. It is the day of rage that started with young men and young women in Cairo, to continue in all the cities of the nation, with demonstrators of all ages.
The [...]

عشر سنوات على الإحتفاء بالسلام العالمي في (نانوم)

تحتفل مؤسسة نانوم الكورية الجنوبية لأنشطة السلام العالمي بعيد إنشائها العاشر مع مؤسسها الشاعر والمصور والمناضل الكوري بارك نوهيه في السابع من ديسمبر الحالي. وقد دعي الشاعر المصري أشرف أبو اليزيد ـ الذي التقى بارك نوهيه قبل أسابيع في سيئول ـ لإلقاء كلمة، فكانت هذه الرسالة:
ليلة مع الشاعر بارك نوهيه
Night with the Poet Park, [...]